Naperville City Dispatch: Local Taxi Service

We provide round the clock local taxi service in Naperville, IL. We are open 24 hours a day. Local trips can be reserved either online or on the phone at 630-305-9999.

Our Local Taxi service features low meter rates, low time to pickup and unrivaled local knowledge of Naperville an surrounding areas. Our drivers have lived and worked here for years and can get you to your local destination safely and quickly.

Usually call in local trips are dispatched immediately and pickup up in 10-25 minutes depending on location in Naperville. Generally North Naperville has lower pickup times than South Naperville. 

We also serve nearby suburbs locally including Aurora, Lisle, Warrenville, Woodridge, Bolingbrook and more. 


Local Taxi Rates in Naperville

In Naperville and the surrounding areas, we normally charge local trips with a taxi meter. Meters are installed by certified technicians and inspected annually. 


For metered trips, the meter starts at $2.00 and our Low Meter Rate is $2.80/mile.

Additional passengers are an extra $1 per trip.

Please note taxi meters charge for time as well, usually only if the vehicle is not moving more than 11 miles/hour. This only happens when the taxi is stationary or stuck in traffic. Our meters charge $36/hour waiting time.

Local Trips in Naperville do have a minimum charge, depending on location.

Currently the minimum charge in Naperville is $10. For rides originating or terminating South of 95th St, the minimum charge is $15.


Estimated Pricing from Recent Local Trips in Naperville

Please note the estimates below are for one passenger ad may vary depending on route taken, traffic and other factors.

5th Ave Train Station in Naperville to Washington and Ring Rd in Naperville : $16

Route 59 Train Station in Naperville to Book / 103rd St in Naperville : $18

Route 59 and 95th St in Naperville to Downtown Naperville : $20

Ogden Ave and Rickert Dr in Naperville to Downtown Naperville : $10

75th St and Modaff Rd in Naperville to Ogden Ave and Naper Blvd in Naperville :  $15




We accept all major Credit Cards and Debit Cards. Debit Cards need to have a MasterCard or Visa Logo on the front. Pin based transactions cannot be processed.

And of course you can use Cash as well.

Checks of any kind are not accepted.


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